About me

It can be joyful!

Hey - great to see you again!

If we find each other here, you must be looking to change something in your life!

You can do it by following one or more of the pathways in here. I have put together all these classes, workshops and sessions with the desire to make it easy for you to choose the right direction to kick-start the change.

I have combined and distilled my experience as communications consultant, personal development trainer and Bars® facilitator to bring you practical, powerful and easy to use methods to achieve change.

A little over 10 years ago, I was in a place - probably just like you are now - where life was good, but it was still not enough. I knew there was room for more, but it wasn’t clear to me how I could attain it. I was looking for a complete upgrade: in enjoying nurturing relationships, in having a fulfilling and rewarding job, in being at ease with money and with my body…basically everything. And, like some of you, I thought this was all only possible for others, but not for me…

Any activity you choose from these pages will take you on the journey of change. You’ll go deeper into methods you can apply yourself later on, to keep the change going and growing. You will receive pragmatic instruments that you can use daily to assist you in:

  • identifying possibilities and bringing them to fruition easily,
  • growing out of and staying away from limiting beliefs,
  • loving your life!

How much transformation can you bring into your life by choosing something new right now? How soon can it appear? What would you choose first?

Remember: change doesn’t have to be painful, it can be joyful!

Are you interested?

Yours joyfully,