How Much Are You Willing to Receive?

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Based on the book "Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are" written by the founders of Access Consciousness - Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer - this is an introductory class which will give you pragmatic tools to start creating the reality with money that you desire.

What does receiving mean to you? What do you actually receive with ease? Do you find yourself cringing when thinking about what others may say about you and your choices? How much of them and their judgements of you are you willing to allow in your life?

This is a 3-hour class where the things you learn will be intense and fun. You will be invited to start looking at money and money creation from a point that you have never considered until now.

How much change with your abundance are you willing to create?

If you’d like to have the book "Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are" by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Here before the class please let me know here.

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80** EUR – 2.5-hour workshop (For Romania 280 RON)**

* The workshop is held when we have an interested group confirmed. Possibilities abound. If you desire it, let's talk about it.

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