Manuela C.

With Access Bars I discovered a sure method for total relaxation. After the first session I felt as if somebody has rebooted me. After that I focused much easier on the tasks at hand and nothing seemed difficult to do anymore. Now, every time I feel stuck I choose to receive a Bars session.

Manuela C. Bucharest
Richard H.

The Bars® sessions succeed in taking me out of myself, helping me cut through negative (sometimes even despairing) thoughts, which have been weighing me down and blocking progress in my work or in other creative tasks. Afterwards, I feel relaxed, recharged and ready to take on new challenges – somehow lighter all round and more open to alternative approaches.

Richard H. Bucharest
Cristina S.

The Bars® experience started with a soft discussion about ..the BEING inside us. Neither me, nor my daughter anticipated the relaxation it would bring about. After the session, she felt this at a mental level whereas me I felt it more on a physical level. Now I realize that the energies surrounding us (that I have perceived all through the Bars session) are still with us even one month later. Right after the session I felt a very strong connection with the people around me. I was also more in allowance (which was very unusual for me) with both myself and those around me. I have finally allowed myself to accept what existed, without barriers and judgments. The words, the decisions I took and everything that was coming to me felt natural, running smoothly, without me giving in to pessimism, negativity or any other heavy feeling. And I felt more at peace with myself.

Even the tougher periods that occurred later did not linger for too long – this time I knew that I can get over them quicker and easier. And, most importantly, the communication with my daughter improved significantly – we stopped tormenting each other due to the inevitable differences between generations.

Cristina S. Bucharest
Dan Agres-Eloy, Ferney-Voltaire

When Alina talked to me about Access and Bars I got excited immediately and wanted to know more. I’ve been aware of the fact our past, education, things we were taught or understood by ourselves, people we see, work and spend time with, are all hugely influencing our way of thinking, behaving, they are all modelling our individual pattern, a pattern which is not always –should I say ‘rarely’?- the best for us. Alina and I set up a three-day event which took me much further than I hoped. Bars brought me a lot of lightness, a very different way of thinking. I am doing every day the exercise of being myself, my true self, of non-judgmental point of view. I became more aware of other possibilities than the ones I was used to. I worry less, I am more creative, positive and looking forward to new openings in my life. I am a humanist and I wish well for my family, all my friends, all human beings and if it were to give them an advice from all my heart, it would be: have a Bars run to you at least once in your life, it will change everything for you. We all need it and we can definitely benefit from it. For now, what I can say is Thank you Alina, thank you so much!

Dan Agres-Eloy, Ferney-Voltaire France
Patricia B.

It was an ordinary day, with good and bad but who cared? I was going to say yes to an invitation that Alina made me, to discover Access Consciousness and the Bars. All I knew was that I was going to watch a film, drink some coffee …and what else? I was wondering. Up to a point, everything was as expected: relaxation, good coffee and a film ... that I didn’t understand much from: I saw two beautiful mad men, one young and the other …not so much, waving their hands while they were reciting ad infinitum some impossible-to-understand lines that made the audience roar with laughter. Then my Bars session followed. Comfortably lying on a bed under a blanket, peace around me and inside me, and a gentle touch on my head…for an hour or so. Then, Alina says: you are done! What do you mean DONE? I didn’t feel anything, or so I thought….I sit up on the bed and I get a sweet dizziness, the kind you get after some fine wine enjoyed in good company. And then… WHOOOA! I realized that, all of a sudden, there was SPACE in my head! If you have ever done a defrag on your computer and you’ve watched the way the files arrange themselves and some of them disappear, that is exactly what I felt happened in my head after that Bars session.

I left, being sure I traveled to another planet, with a huge joy nestled deep in my body. Something had changed dramatically… and I was soon to find out how easy it was and how good it felt to be ME!

Patricia B. Bucharest
Nicoleta D.

After the first Bars session I started to reconnect with myself and my body, experiencing sensations that most of the time were hidden under a thick layer of anxiety. My body went into deep relaxation that continues even today. It is an extremely liberating feeling to know that you can look at life from a different point than the one of control and fear of any kind. I am enjoying feelings of gratitude for living and life itself. Sometimes, I realize that some mental patterns that I used to have, disappeared, they melted actually and were replaced by new, fresh ideas. I have even caught myself in a situation where I wasn’t afraid anymore to say NO to some job related tasks that I felt had nothing to do with me. (After you’ve had your Bars run) you acknowledge that you can do much more than you have limited yourself in the past! How does it get any better than this?

Nicoleta D. Bucharest