General Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions people ask about the Access Bars®

The Bars® is the building block of the system of thought called Access Consciousness® (www.accessconsciousness.com) created in 1990 in the US by Gary Douglas.

It is an amazingly efficient and pragmatic tool that assists you in changing, with ease, any aspect of your life that might be off balance. It brings clarity of action, it boosts creativity and gets you to see that what you call now problems are simply some possibilities you did not pay attention to.

It is a hands-on technique that involves a light touch of 32 points symmetrically placed on the head. These points define bars of energy that run through and around your head and body. They are the repository of the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, considerations, preconceptions that you have about everything in your life. These bars represent aspects of life such as: creativity, joy, aging, money, gratitude, body and more.

The head chart illustrates the 32 points on the head and the life areas they cover.
(details presented in the Bars Class)

When the respective points are touched lightly they start to release and clear away all the blocked energy that keeps you stuck in the fixed points of view that do not allow you to have the change you desire.
The person who receives the Bars® is, usually, lying comfortably on a bed while the Practitioner sits at the head. If this is not possible because the person receiving can’t lie on their back for as long as the session takes (between 60 to 90 minutes) then they can sit in a reclined chair. You can also run the bars while the client is sitting in a chair.

When you open up to the experience and are willing to start receiving more of what is available for you that you didn’t even know was possible for you to have, you might notice:
  • more ease with every day events,
  • significant reduction and even elimination of fear:
    • of failure,
    • of being judged,
    • of speaking in public (being seen),
    • of rejection,
    • of change,
    • of poverty,
    • of the unknown,
    • and any other fear that you might think of.
  • dramatic diminishment and even disappearance of emotions like: anger, rage, frustration, hate, sadness, self-pity, jealousy, compulsory complaining, depression, PTSD, etc.
  • ridding oneself of victimization habit,
  • more calm in stressful situations,
  • more clarity of choices in business dealings,
  • higher level of concentration (at work/exams) and enhanced productivity,
  • more energy and good humour,
  • improvement of interpersonal relationships,
  • better and more restful sleep.
We are all different and we each come in contact with the Bars technique in a very specific moment in our evolution and quest for a better, easier, more fulfilled and meaningful life. People say that peace and profound relaxation is what they perceive most frequently during the sessions. If you want to read more about this, please go to the section “What do people say about Bars®” here on my website.

And if it sounds yummy...

Book a session
The standard time for one session is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes max. Beyond this, the time is established between the Bars ® Practitioner / Facilitator and the Client, based on the specific areas that the latter desires to work on and change.
There is no should involved. You can start asking yourself some questions, though: Is there something I desire to change in my life? How soon do I desire to notice that change? How willing am I to change?

There is no standard recommended frequency for the sessions – it is always what you CHOOSE based on what you KNOW it’s required for you at any moment in time.

In Access we say there is no good or bad choice, just choice. And it is important to make one so that you can move on and create what you truly desire to create in your life.

You can have your Bars run every week, twice a month or every other day…all you have to do is choose and see what that creates in your life!
ANYBODY, irrespective of age, sex, education and professional background. All that is required is that you desire to change something.

Children come to the Bars classes as well and they start creating their relationships with parents and peers from a totally different angle. For instance, for those who are subjected to bullying at school, Bars can make a real difference. Should you be interested in more details about the effect of Bars on kids, please read the following articles from the Access Consciousness Blog: "Access Bars Changes the Lives of Children Failing in Schools” and “Benefits of Bars for Kids/Families"
At the end of a one-day Bars® class (8 full hours) you will be in the possession of a modality that creates change and ease in your life for as long as you choose to use it!

During the class you will learn the points, what they represent, how to activate them, how to reverse the energetic charge of a difficult situation and you will gift and receive 2 Bars® sessions. At the end of these 8 hours you will become a certified Access Bars® Practitioner and you can start your own Bars® practice.

What does that mean exactly for you?
  • you can run Bars® in your family thus improving continuously your relationship with your spouse, children and close relatives,
  • you can run Bars® on your friends and colleagues at work creating more ease and balance in the workplace,
  • you can run Bars® on other people who are curious and willing to receive it – you can create another source of income, should you so feel inclined, right after the end of the first Bars class,
  • you can include the Bars® technique in your service portfolio if you are a therapist, massage professional, psychologist, beautician, medical professional, teacher, social worker, etc.
The Bars® does not replace or substitute the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to: financial, medical, psychological, or legal matters. For any issue in one of these areas you should and we encourage you to consult the specialist pertaining to the matter you are seeking to solve.