Access Bars Private Sessions

Access Bars Private Sessions

What is a private session like?

You will be relaxing lying down on a sofa for 60-90 minutes. I will be lightly touching some points on your head. If you want, we can talk. If not, it will be quiet.

What is going on?

During this time, you will start to get rid of the junk in the computer bank of your mind. Junk represents all the thoughts, considerations, fixed points of view and beliefs that you embraced until now about your capacities and abilities to create what you desire in life (prosperity, peace of mind, sparkling creativity, joy, abundance, etc). Junk is created by all that doubt, uncertainty and fear that you cannot have, create and be what you know is possible.

A Bars session is a powerful, relaxing and fun method of dissolving limitations, without you even knowing which are the ones that you are letting go during the session. There is never pain, it’s just ease.

It might also be the first time when your body and your being experience what it means to receive – that serene place where there is no point of view and no obligation attached.


One session of 90 minutes for adults – 90 EUR*.

One session of 30 minutes for children under the age of 15 – 40 EUR*. 

* For up to date country pricing please check with us at or go on international-pricing-policy

Payment possibilities

Payment can be done:
- via bank transfer into

For Consilio Grup srl, CUI 15413730, J40/6082/2003, Str G. Missail 72, sector 1, Bucharest

Once payment is processed, a fiscal invoice will be sent to you to the email address you indicated upon subscription to the class (box on the right hand side of this page).
Or, you can pay cash on the day of your session.

Questions before session?

Please email me at

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