Access Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

Access Energetic Facelift Private Sessions

You will be relaxing lying down on a sofa for approximately 90 minutes. The session entails a part where we talk a little and bring up the energies that create the heaviness in your body and life at that moment, then we continue by me gently touching some points on your head, neck and upper part of your chest, in specific sequences.

There are over 25 energies in play during this potent body process. They all contribute to you starting to release the judgements you have about your body, age and aging, about how is aging going to look like for you, and they also start to remove the effects of stress and overwhelm on your face and body. The process also contributes significantly to a quick recovery if you had surgery. All of this without the slightest discomfort or pain. No sharp instruments, no creams, no invasive procedures. Just energy, peace and relaxation.

People who did the process for at least 20 times reported permanent effects.

How does it get any better than this®?


One session of 90 minutes for adults – 90 EUR*.

One session of 30 minutes for children under the age of 15 – 40 EUR*. 

* For up to date country pricing please check with us at or go on international-pricing-policy


Payment possibilities

Payment can be done:
- via bank transfer into

For Consilio Grup srl, CUI 15413730, J40/6082/2003, Str G. Missail 72, sector 1, Bucharest

Once payment is processed, a fiscal invoice will be sent to you to the email address you indicated upon subscription to the class (box on the right hand side of this page).
Or, you can pay cash on the day of your session.

Questions before session?

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