What would you like to change?

What 3 things would you like to change in your life today? Have you asked for that?
We can start by doing this together.

We meet (online these days :) ) and we explore the facets of the changes you’d like to create in your life. And then you go and enjoy living them.

The session is built and run with the tools developed by Access Consciousness – which means, in short, that assisted by questions I will be facilitating you unveil what are the places in your life that you have chosen less and what can you choose right now for more.

During the session I will be using a bundle of words that are called the Clearing Statement, created and owned by Access Consciousness. It’s an efficient and easy way to eliminate the blocks that created the limitations in the aspects of your life where you have asked for change and to invite a different possibility.


Sessions possibilities

- 30 minute-session – 60 EUR
- 60 minute-session – 100 EUR

Payment possibilities

Payment can be done:
- via bank transfer into

For Consilio Grup srl, CUI 15413730, J40/6082/2003, Str G. Missail 72, sector 1, Bucharest

Once payment is processed, a fiscal invoice will be sent to you to the email address you indicated upon subscription to the class (box on the right hand side of this page).
Or, you can pay cash on the day of your session.

Questions before session?

Please email me at

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